Blocks From Miners Needing To Upgrade

Discussion in 'Proof-of-work Mining' started by dhill, Mar 14, 2016.

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  1. dhill

    dhill Moderator
    Developer Organizer

    Mar 14, 2016
    The following blocks were mined by miners running an older version of dcrd.

    Miners should make sure they are running 0.0.7.

    $ dcrd -V
    dcrd version 0.0.7-beta

    9436 00000000000000e5848de57673a66d2c396713326e7d63080be4a97de01c0e64
    9452 0000000000002aba60719c9e2f5ab57c5fe66b36d0231497c2d53fb24386dc4c
    9463 00000000000026660c3dbaecbbdba3719b8015c03d31649b47c253498c66a987
    9466 00000000000028970dfa5923499c7a37a01907e8c5185609ecb5953201279988
    9577 00000000000008f55ef0005ac78e45699bc6c8fea8ac010badba322a0582bc61
    9616 00000000000005bf98e9720375305f3f934fcab932da7637fb18ac125f5d5848
    9681 0000000000001a683ab6d0d68817ce2b372a77c6c94ecfe7ad8502b2a986ab15
    9760 00000000000013fe6f9d8208a99c1e91294700e98b8fc7b8d3d1afd19687fded
    9773 0000000000002137479e0a2bde7040ae01f92d4311ee3a3fe8c31d0b8d17209d
    9832 0000000000002e8901720c9e009723222cace34b894cc39668fe1c26d2d2ab08
    9908 00000000000007f8332bf880ea137c96b3a871ad9bb33238c6c312e8d6069b4e
    9933 0000000000000997590751eea9f5568e816dd9c2768c89f325d3601bc909bd68
    10078 0000000000000cd43cbf2a7056dd87bb3bf39c38b5065bf7778d14403e18a642
    10097 0000000000001629b68306902347170f7d7d68c53ab2ffa1778b421f0a679924
    10130 0000000000000cd147b1c3ca8bc1143576b3da988655d1ecbf8411e83933615d
    10133 00000000000033787924b477d210f1e15ce93831f5c995815ccc4b4e117d7569
    10251 0000000000000e8bdec13d9f75122ed9acfbaf30ca92b299b2d0aa5e58fe5fe1
    10276 0000000000003cdaa2d0cff4ae9af98d2130341e38c7dada1c89b6e5c7ad245e
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  2. chappjc

    chappjc Full Member
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    What should we do with this list?
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  3. tacotime

    tacotime Hero Member

    Dec 7, 2015
    If you mined any of these blocks, it was an indication that you did not yet upgrade to v0.0.7. v0.0.6 had an issue that meant some miners were not including all vote types and thereby not claiming the full DCR block subsidy. To quote about the v0.0.7 release and how it affected the mainnet stake pool:

    Thus, you should upgrade to v0.0.7 or later (preferably v0.0.8 since every release fixes issues as the project continues to improve the software).
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