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Discussion in 'Trade' started by gravityz3r0, Mar 20, 2016.

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  1. gravityz3r0

    gravityz3r0 New Member

    Feb 28, 2016
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    I'm trying to set up a FIRST MINI purely selling DCR (not buying at the moment) business directly via credit card payment. This is experimental and i only accept small transaction at any one time. Here's little more information regarding how the payment works.

    1. I am using Singapore marketplace called (It's a lot like Carousell + Amazon). You can make the purchase directly from the website.

    The sample of the purchase will be like this, you can try to navigate around to familiarize yourself with the payment procedure as it's very straight forward:

    * Enter your country code+mobile number during the registration of your address (i.e: +60 1275582229). This is required to receive a one time SMS verification code before you can purchase.
    * You may use any dummy address as there's no shipping involved.
    * Do not save your credit card info after purchase for a better peace of mind. You can manually remove it from the database after purchase.

    2. You PM me of the amount you wish to buy. This is an experimental feature so i'm not accepting more than 10DCR transaction at any one time.
    3. I will quote you a price for the DCR and you can make the payment via your credit card .
    4. You need to then "CONFIRM" the delivery of the product via your account. This is done so that the funds will be released to me by and no chargeback is possible. (Seller protection)
    5. Your DCR will then be sent to you INSTANTLY. The only delay incurred is the time taken for the transaction to be confirmed before showing up in your wallets. (This require some trust on your end, but you can try with amount as small as 1 DCR if you are skeptical). This is all done manually.
    6. There is no credit card fee involved on the buyer's end but the price of the DCR sold will be at a slight premium (~15-20% of spot rate) and decided at the point of agreement as no one else is taking the risk of offering the same service as i do. Also, the currency involved is naturally in Singapore Dollar (SGD) so there will be some Forex fee involved when it shows up on your credit card bill.

    I hope with this service, it will mark the end of fear of the scammers and a new age of trust, despite paying a little bit more premium, i'm opening up the opportunity for guys who are looking to buy DCR directly using credit card and hopefully increase the adoption by the masses.

    PM me or simply reply here to indicate your interest, and REMEMBER to leave a positive review once the transaction is successful to vouch for me =)

    Disclaimer :

    I do not own nor i am affiliated in anyway with the marketplace portal They are simply a intermediary marketplace platform which happen to offer a very convenient method to sell at a minimal hassle (very much like Ebay). Payment option offered by them are fully secured, however it is advisable that you remove your saved credit card information once you no longer need them.

    Approximate DCR Price as of 20 Mar 2016

    1 DCR = US$ 2.26 x 1.2 = US$ 2.712
    *Using as spot rate or *Selling rate in (whichever is higher)

    Max order of 10DCR. (for now)
    Purchase quantity from as low as 1 DCR if skeptical.
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  2. gravityz3r0

    gravityz3r0 New Member

    Feb 28, 2016
    Successful Trade List :

  3. Dakmyr

    Dakmyr New Member

    Mar 14, 2016
    Are you still selling?
  4. gravityz3r0

    gravityz3r0 New Member

    Feb 28, 2016
    Yes, i am. You can try with a small amount first if you are not comfortable!
  5. MiloIce

    MiloIce Jr. Member

    Jan 18, 2016
    you're from singapore?

    Also, you might wanna adjust your premium as 20% is very high. As you already had your seller protection in place, I don't think its viable to ask for another 15-20% in addition. 5% sounds reasonable enough IMHO.
  6. gravityz3r0

    gravityz3r0 New Member

    Feb 28, 2016
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    Yes i am, it's 12PM here at the moment, I feel that 20% is very reasonable. 5% is just too low.

    You must know that ,there's also some overhead fee that's involved and the fact that you can buy DCR directly instead of jumping through hoops of BTC and then converting your BTC to DCR which involve a lot more hassle.

    The fiats that i receive from sale will need to be converted into BTC which i then use to re-purchase the DCR to always make sure that the stock is replenished. All these takes time,cost and effort. And the convenience is passed down to the buyer directly.

    If i get more sales volume in the future, maybe i will consider lowering the premiums, but i'm not looking at anything less than 15% at the moment, especially that the coins has a huge potential ahead of it.

    In conclusion, this may not attract user who already hold some DCR, but it may encourage new adopters with no means of access to obtain DCR directly.


    P/S- What i forget to mention that, Shopee occasionally give out promotion codes that you can apply towards the end of your checkout, (i.e : $3 off $10 purchase) which can be used to offset your purchase. There is also a $5 discount for first time user as incentive if i'm not mistaken so it's a good time to try. Keep in mind that these discounts are given directly by and not by me.

    $3 off $6 purchases code with promo code "WISHLIST" valid until 31 March SGT. (all currency in SGD)
  7. gravityz3r0

    gravityz3r0 New Member

    Feb 28, 2016
    Just to let people know that the website is currently running promotion of SGD3 discount with minimum purchase of SGD6 by applying the discount code "WISHLIST". That is 50% off your first DCR purchase. Ending on 31st March GMT+8. So act fast!

    I can also be contacted via whatsapp +6592323330 for a quicker response.
  8. rotten

    rotten New Member

    Jan 9, 2016
    Boston, MA
    So, It's basically a DCR pawn shop.
  9. RandaFlores

    RandaFlores New Member

    Apr 23, 2019
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