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    Dec 7, 2015

    This development dispatch covers work completed since the Decred v1.0.3/4 release on June 9th, 2017. Since then, developers have merged over 36 pull requests into 7 repositories.

    Here are direct links to the Paymetheus (Windows) GUI wallet installers:
    Decrediton (OSX, Linux) GUI wallet installers:
    dcrinstall cross-platform text-based CLI installers:
    All the various binaries except for dcrinstall:
    NOTE: All Windows binaries only support Windows 7 and newer.

    This is a patch release that primarily focuses on wallet issues and usability. All users of the GUI wallets and command line tools are encouraged to update. Mining software is not impacted. For those interested in the technical details of all changes that occurred in the codebase, please consult the release notes.


    This release focuses on fixing an issue that could result in address reuse after restarting the application. If a previously created address was not publically used, it could be returned again after restarting. This issue has been corrected by always deriving the next address based on the last created one.

    A database upgrade has been added to record the additional info needed to fix the above issue. Due to the database being forwards-compatible only, wallet software cannot be reverted to older versions after running a new version. If a wallet must be reverted back to old software, a seed restore should be performed.

    Two new RPCs have been added to this release. The first is a revoketickets RPC which is preferable to using rebroadcastmissed, as the latter may be removed at a later time. The second is WalletService.GetTransaction for the gRPC server which queries the wallet for details regarding a particular transaction using the transaction hash. Previously, transaction details were only available by watching block notifications or querying for all transactions in a range of blocks.

    Note that these wallet improvements are now available in Paymetheus wallet GUI.


    This version of Decrediton includes quite a few bug fixes as well as revealing more information to users to avoid situations where a lack of information can lead to confusion. The Accounts, Send, and Receive pages have all received large redesigns. Further design improvements will take shape in future releases.

    The Accounts page now includes a balance overview for each account and its respective details. The Send page received the most substantial change and no longer has a seperate transaction confirmation view. Instead, whenever a user completes an output or amount field, these are now are checked for validity and then sent to dcrwallet for transaction construction. Users can now see the estimated size, fee, and total amount in the lower right of the GUI instead of having to wait until the next page. Also, upon clicking the Send button, passphrase confirmation is asked for to enhance security. Various other smaller fixes and visual tweaks were included in this release as well to improve the overall user interface and experience.

    Public Keys

    The file cmd/dcrinstall/pubkey.go contains the decred public key which is used to check the signed manifest in the release. You can compare the contents of this file to what you get from a keyserver to confirm that dcrinstaller is using the proper key.


    As always, thank you to the OG contributors and a newcomer who made this release possible: @ay-p, @davecgh, frankcash, @jcv, @jolan, and @jrick.
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    As always, glad to have this release out.
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    Feb 1, 2016
    Great to see that you are posting the release announcements once again! Decred Nostalgia
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    This is Decred!
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    Jan 28, 2016
    I updated binaries, and updated Paymetheus. Looks good so far.

    Thank you for the update devs.
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