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  1. 2017/12/15 - Decred v1.1.2 released! → Release Notes  → Downloads
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    This development dispatch covers work completed since the Decred v1.0.5/6 release on June 21st, 2017.

    Here are direct links to the Paymetheus (Windows) GUI wallet installers:
    Decrediton (OSX, Linux) GUI wallet installers:
    dcrinstall cross-platform text-based CLI installers:
    All the various binaries except for dcrinstall:
    NOTE: All Windows binaries only support Windows 7 and newer.

    Full release notes:


    This release of dcrd primarily contains improvements to the infrastructure and other quality assurance changes that are bringing us closer to providing full support for Lightning Network.

    A lot of work required for Lightning Network support went into getting the required code merged into the upstream project, btcd, which now fully supports it. These changes also must be synced and integrated with dcrd as well and therefore many of the changes in this release are related to that process.


    This release focused on fixing several issues related to corrupted spend tracking that would cause double spend errors when sending transactions. All users are recommended to upgrade.

    This release also lays the groundwork for more staking features to be implemented in future releases. The wallet now tracks more details about all tickets and the votes or revocations that spend them. In future releases, this can be used to implement highly requested features such as detailed listings of all tickets, votes, and revocations and subsidy calculations.

    ***Database upgrade notice***

    This release contains a wallet database upgrade. Once upgraded, the database can not be used on older releases and downgrading will require restoring from seed or backup. The Decred project recommends ensuring you have access to your wallet seed before upgrading in case a downgrade is necessary.


    This release focused on under-the-hood improvements to the backend (dcrwallet) instead of new features or UI changes. Users should no longer encounter double spend or orphan transaction errors sending transactions due to fixes for wallet spend tracking corruption, but a seed restore is necessary to fix already-corrupted wallets.


    This release of Decrediton aims to smooth out various issues that users have consistently reported since the release of v1.0.6. Extra care has been taken to ensure that users get as much information as possible to understand some of the inner workings of Decred. But at the same time, ticket purchasing and other features are actively being simplified and refined. We have also added some basic animations instead of the default loading screens. We hope to integrate several pieces of art and animations from our amazing community of artists.

    In the coming releases we are expecting the following: Windows releases and a completely revamped on boarding procedure. This release is a step toward realizing those goals.

    We have also begun a complete refactor and reorganization of the React components which will be followed by an audit of Redux state usage. This issue describes the end goal of this project. Ideally, we will be able to make the UX/UI development open to all designers, which will allow for a true collaborative effort.

    Public Keys

    The file cmd/dcrinstall/pubkey.go contains the Decred public key which is used to check the signed manifest in the release. You can compare the contents of this file to what you get from a keyserver to confirm that dcrinstaller is using the proper key.


    I'd like to especially thank our 4 newest contributors for their work this release: peterzen, sndurkin, go1dfish, dnldd. We've seen amazing progress from them and expect big things from their continued growth. And as always the c0 devs: @ay-p, @davecgh, @dhill, @jcv, @jolan, @jrick, and @marco.
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    Just a quick note that v1.0.8 was released to get some small but important fixes out:

    • An issue where dcrd was not automatically configured when performing a clean installation has been fixed.

    • Mined transactions now use the earliest of the seen time and the block time
      for a timestamp. This avoids simply showing every transaction arriving at the
      time of restore when a wallet is seed restored, and also corrects the
      timestamp for transactions received while the wallet was not running.
    • tickets that are recorded by but not owned by the wallet are handled properly


    • This patch release fixes a critical bug that effected users that had multiple stakepools configured at the same time. Periodically some stakepool settings would get overwritten onto others which would cause pool fees to be incorrectly set for a given ticket. If the pool fees were too low according to the stakepool, they would be considered invalid. If you believe you could have been effected by this issue, please check on your stakepool tickets page to see if you have any invalid tickets. Then please contact your stakepool operator about getting the tickets added and ready to be voted on.

      Upon upgrading to 1.0.8 it is recommended to delete your existing config.json located in your decrediton application directory. Then restart your decrediton and re-enter your apikeys. You may need to restart decrediton an extra time for your stakepool list to populate.
    • Includes dcrwallet fixes mentioned above.

    • Includes dcrwallet fixes mentioned above.
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    When is next update coming out?

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