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    Jan 17, 2016

    The logo package containing .svg, .pdf, (transparent) .png and .ai versions can be downloaded from here:

    A few quick guidelines:
    1. Consider first if you need to use the full logo or only the symbol. Using the wordmark alone is usually not recommended.
    2. Consider if you need to use a positive or negative version, with more or less colour. This package contains enough material to cover majority of use cases.
    3. If there is no reason besides decoration – please do not redraw, alter or digitally manipulate the logo. Correct and consistent usage will help to grow Decred's visual identity.
    4. By default the files are saved with a generous amount of clear space around the logo. That may be cropped slightly to fit into the context better.

    More information can be found from and the visual identity toolkit (specifically pages 7 - 11):

    For any questions, write me up on slack @linnutee

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