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Discussion in 'Darkroom' started by highlonesome, Feb 25, 2016.

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    Jan 11, 2016
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    Well, I promised this a few weeks ago. Another wallpaper. It's all retro and minimalist and Linuxy...kind of.
    I know it's not entirely accurate, but I decided to make a couple changes to the actual terminal format for aesthetic reasons, to fill the vertical space a tiny bit more on the left. It was a single line at first.

    Cause I've been asked a couple times about previous pics, feel free to use and abuse anything I draw for Decred, as long as it's used to promote Decred (can't think of any other reason you'd use this stuff, anyways). This work belongs to the community. The only thing I ask for is credit, when possible (and even then, no worries if you forget).

    DECRED PIXEL - Indigo.png DECRED PIXEL - Sky.png DECRED PIXEL - Ubuntu.png

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