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Discussion in 'Announcements' started by tacotime, Feb 9, 2016.

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  1. tacotime

    tacotime Hero Member

    Dec 7, 2015
    Hello everyone,

    This update is about the airdrop process. As noted earlier, a final inspection round of the airdrop database was promised as members of the community raised concern about finding and identifying numerous groups of individuals who publicly shared their intentions and attempts at creating multiple accounts using a variety of methods. This represented a danger to the integrity of the process.

    The project felt it was important to listen to these reports and to do a final round of analysis to identify fraud in the airdrop database. This was done after multiple earlier rounds removed many fraudulent entries. The project owes those members who put faith in it a duty to uphold a high standard of quality and to ensure airdrop participants who submitted one account did not suffer due to entrants who submitted multiple accounts. That is not in the spirit of what was created through the initiative.

    This final and intensive review process worked as follows:
    • The sign-up information of each participant was compared with their confirmation information - not only for each user, but also for each user against all other users.
    • The process involved comparison of IP addresses, timestamps, and user agents at both the airdrop sign-up phase and the confirmation phase.
    • Review of this information produced clusters of participants who attempted to create multiple accounts.
    • These users used the same IP address for multiple accounts, rapidly created these accounts, used highly similar user agents across all their accounts that matched on IP addresses, and leaked a different IP address at the confirmation phase versus the sign-up phase (where the confirmation phase showed the same IP address for multiple accounts, but a different IP address at the original sign-up phase for these accounts). These evaluative measures were used in conjunction to make a decision.
    • The project noticed similar patterns of mass fraud that varied in these parameters as clear behavioural clusters formed in attempts to create multiple airdrop accounts.
    • This information lined up with reports from the community on groups and individuals involved in the process as well - as identified by their geolocation.
    Multiple accounts from single users were always a major red flag in the airdrop process - that goes without saying. If you created multiple accounts for yourself and/or others on the same or shared IP address and used the same browser, you were at high risk of being flagged in the airdrop database. The intention of the airdrop was not to serve as a free-for-all, it was to include single accounts linked to individual people that could be verified in that way.

    Despite these issues, instead of removing all fraudulent accounts linked to a single behavioural profile, the project decided to merge them instead. So even if a participant abused the process, they were still given airdrop to the value of a single airdrop amount - it is just not up to the project to help them find which account received the airdrop. That is for them to find out - and in some cases they will need to go through hundreds of attempts. It was each user's responsibility to have read instructions carefully, to have understood what was required of them, to have kept their information safe, and to have provided information of reasonably high quality to be included in the airdrop process. If the project could not identify you based on what you submitted, you were at risk of being flagged in the database.

    Whilst this is a more difficult post to make, since it revolves around the attempted abuse of an earnest system that the vast majority of users honoured, the project feels it acted in the best interests of those users interested in contributing to something bigger. We must not forget the contributory foundation upon which all of Decred is built - and that will be protected against abuse at all cost. Even when the project must make difficult decisions.

    Decred Project
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  2. anondran

    anondran Full Member
    Advocate (Reddit)

    Jan 13, 2016
    Good Job on the launch. So far so good :)
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  3. thepotterone

    thepotterone Jr. Member

    Jan 28, 2016
    Somewhere above the UK
    Agree 110%
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  4. evanjdevs

    evanjdevs New Member

    Jan 16, 2016
    Film and media production / Project Marketing
    The Boot
    If you were a politician, and if I cared about politics...well I'd vote for you pal. :p
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  5. 418Sec

    418Sec Member
    Advocate (Twitter)

    Jan 3, 2016
    Wow.. That's a brilliant post! :p
    Respect for all the hardworking devs and project members!
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  6. Michael Crego

    Michael Crego Member

    Dec 19, 2015

    That should not be difficult to post at all. Transparency builds trust. You have gone above and beyond what I personally ever expected of you. Those who tried to abuse the system for the sole purpose of a quick financial gain really don't deserve any, in my opinion, but I believe you handled it in the best way possible. You just keep doing what you do. Those who are here for the right reasons, I'm sure, take no issue with any steps you have taken, and actually appreciate the attentiveness. Personally, I haven't even checked to see if mine are available as of yet. I did, however, manage to pick some up at bleutrade, so I will need to do something with my wallet eventually, I guess. Hopefully I'm not in a flagged region and have the airdrop also, but if not, I'll just have to buy some more before the price gets too high. Thanks again for all you have done, and, believe me, we appreciate you more than you know.
    Now all the "my balance shows zero" posts make a lot more sense to me. Good work @ingsoc, keep it up
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  7. Akai

    Akai New Member
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    Thumbs up!
  8. David

    David Sr. Member

    Jan 22, 2016
    I fully agree with @Michael Crego. Even though it may have been easier to let the airdrop fly free, you guys have chosen to dedicate another round of countless hours to eliminate the scandulous accounts. We really do appreciate it! Hopefully it backfired on the individuals lacking moral character. :cool:
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  9. ClokworkGremlin

    ClokworkGremlin Sr. Member

    Jan 10, 2016
    Whatever I want.
    Now this is the sort of responsiveness I have come to expect from the Decred staff.
    So in short, every single one of the 8700+ cleared applicants ended up getting their airdrop, just several of them happened to get the same one. Clever. I especially enjoy the poetic irony of forcing the fraudsters who gave you the most work to go through the most work to get at their credits.

  10. no i didn't get my airdrop so that statement is false ~~fwiw
  11. ClokworkGremlin

    ClokworkGremlin Sr. Member

    Jan 10, 2016
    Whatever I want.
    As the post just explained: You didn't get your airdrop because their system determined you were the same person as a different application. Given there were more than 8700 applications to sift through, some mistakes were inevitable, which is particularly unfortunate in your case.
  12. Jamie Keefer

    Jamie Keefer New Member
    Advocate (Twitter)

    Jan 16, 2016
    I am thankful you merged them. I created a second unintentionally since my first effort was done on mobile and it was unclear if I had submitted properly. I used nearly the same info once I got back to PC so I wasn't try to hid it. :) I did confirm one address got the drop, while I am mining on the other. Thx.
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  13. no sir I WAS ACCEPTED !!! I'm not even getting any email response from the crack team of experts!!! I call bullshit on the airdrop looks like devs and insiders made out well..pfft
  14. davecgh

    davecgh Hero Member
    Developer Organizer

    Dec 31, 2015
    United States
    Complaining is not going to change anything owsley. I would wager you're not getting any responses because there is nothing to respond to. The airdrop is over and there is nothing that can be done now. It's already a part of the mainnet block chain history.

    I'm not sure what else they could possibly tell you. You are simply refusing to read what is already written and ignoring what multiple people have said. If you are a legitimate person that was erroneously deemed as a scammer, that is extremely unfortunate, but as has been said multiple times by many people, no process is perfect and they did the best they could given the available resources.

    I should also note this will be my last post on the topic as there really is no point in discussing something that is done and over with any longer.
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  15. ClokworkGremlin

    ClokworkGremlin Sr. Member

    Jan 10, 2016
    Whatever I want.
    All 8700 applications, representing about 3100 people, got accepted. As far as the team could manage, only one airdrop got sent to each actual person who applied. If you'd actually read any of what was going on, you'd have known that. Now, you can either accept that bad things happen and you're the victim of someone trying to double-dip, that someone COMPLETELY UNRELATED to Decred has successfully posed as you and stolen your airdrop through no fault of the Decred development team, or you can throw a temper tantrum because you got caught trying to double-dip and go digging through your other fraudulent applications to find the one that your airdrop got sent to.
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  16. you are the lead dev or whatever why don't you grow a dick, you are the ones with a 1.6+ MILLION PREMINE that is uncalled for ~ no way of justifying it .. i hope you recognize who i am lmfao ;-) *ya i was informed i was accepted , but no i didn't get any your pre-mined coins = so i call bullshit .

  17. what part of "unconditional" are you messed up on? I never got my coins as promised so i'm free to tell the truth . :) * right?
  18. ClokworkGremlin

    ClokworkGremlin Sr. Member

    Jan 10, 2016
    Whatever I want.
    If you don't tell the truth soon, you'll never get to. Fraud.
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  19. get to report fraud? lol =)
  20. zero

    zero Full Member

    Jan 1, 2016
    Thanks for all the effort. You've done a very cautious work with Airdrop.
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