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  1. 2017/12/15 - Decred v1.1.2 released! → Release Notes  → Downloads
  1. davecgh

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    Dec 31, 2015
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    Thanks for getting this started. I was reading the TOC and noticed that section 2.4 and 2.5 are duplicates. Also, the 's' is missing from "Table of Contents".
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  2. Nicklas

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    Dec 28, 2015
    Thanks for this. I updated the thread. I will add more information in a few days, as I'm about to leave the country.
  3. Freedom2Choose

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    Dec 17, 2015
    What will the theoretical block reward be at the end of year 1?
  4. Nicklas

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    Dec 28, 2015
    @_ingsoc can you answer the question above?

    Just would like to give an update on the FAQ that I'm currently studying aboard and the work on the hospital takes alot of my energy.

    I will try to add a few points tonight and ofc people are still welcome to help.
  5. davecgh

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    Dec 31, 2015
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    Year 1 final PoW subsidy: 1580463218 (15.80463218 decred)

    Thanks to @ceejep for the actual number.
  6. shoshin

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    Dec 28, 2015
    Thanks for the information. I also just noticed you generated a vanity Decred address DsdavecE8StAXb5yac7s9Rrv53SZSSVHMwu very nice!
  7. RegenX

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    Jan 2, 2016

    just bumping this , as the launch nears
  8. Michael

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    I had a think about a few other questions that might be considerable in some form or another, depending on what factors and purposes are being covered at the time, and depending on what form of questions the Decred service is directly relating to of course

    Also some of the questions are quite long written, which perhaps could be either simplified, shrunk or split, into more separate forms of much smaller nutshells or into many more individualized questions

    Here are the other question loads I thought of:

    3.6. How do I setup my rig for mining Decred?
    3.7. Will the mining difficulty go up over time like other coins have?
    3.8. Other than mining, how else can I earn Decred?
    3.9. How does the Decred POS and Lottery System work?

    4. Structure, Advantages and Benefits of Decred
    4.1. What is the structure of Decred?
    4.2. How is Decred Different and Unique to other Coins?
    4.3. I never followed Bitcoin, why should I go for Decred?
    4.4. What are the benefits of Decred?
    4.5. How much cheaper is Decred?
    4.6. Is it much cheaper to process through Decred, rather than through 2 standard currencies directly?

    5. Systems, Servers and Technical
    5.1. Are there any technical times that Decred servers could go down or offline?
    5.2. Are there any maintenance or offline schedules and times that might interfere or pause Decred from working fully?
    5.3. Are there any transaction, failure or outage risks that can occur with my use of Decred?
    5.4. If I am processing a Decred transaction, and a technical fault, outage, connectivity or server down time suddenly occurs, will my Decred funds be safe?
    5.5. If I am in the middle of processing a Decred transaction and my computer crashes or my power cuts, are there any risks that might occur?

    6. Security
    6.1. How secure is Decred?
    6.2. Is Decred Legit?
    6.3. Is the Wallet Secure?
    6.4. How good is the Decred Encryption?
    6.5. Is my privacy safe when using Decred?

    7. Account and Identity
    7.1. Are there any verifications required?
    7.2. Do I need to provide any proof of ID?
    7.3. How long and unique do you recommend my password to be?

    8. Wallet
    8.1. Who can open a Wallet?
    8.2. How do I open a Wallet?
    8.3. Are there any securities that I should take into consideration during opening a Wallet?
    8.4. Can I open a Decred Wallet online?
    8.5. Is there a Wallet that I can directly install onto my computer or mobile device?
    8.6. What are the minimum system requirements to install the Decred Wallet?
    8.7. What specific versions and operating systems can I install the Decred Wallet on?
    8.8. What mobile devices does the mobile based Decred Wallet work on?
    8.9. Are there any other special software’s, codes or plugins that I need to install as well?

    9. Fees and Transactions
    9.1. What are the Decred fees and rates?
    9.2. Do the Decred fees and rates vary between different countries?
    9.3. Do the Decred fees and rates vary between different currencies?

    10. Buying Decred
    10.1. Can I buy Decred?
    10.2. How do I buy some Decred?
    10.3. Where can I buy some Decred?

    11. Selling Decred
    11.1. Can I sell Decred to the public?
    11.2. Can I sell Decred on an auction website like eBay?

    12. Trading, Exchanging and Taxes
    12.1. Can I trade Decred for other Coins?
    12.2. Can I exchange Decred for standard Currency?
    12.3. Am I liable for taxes if I trade Decred for profit?

    13. Offering Decred as a Method of Payment Type
    13.1. Can I offer Decred as a pay method online?
    13.2. Does Decred offer any form of an online payment system?
    13.3. How do I set up Decred as a method of payment on my website?
    13.4. Are there any fees involved per transaction?
    13.5. Can I offer Decred as a method of payment for strict and tight regulation services like; Gaming, Gambling, Drug, Firearm or 18+ Adult-Only based services?

    14. Doing Business with Decred
    14.1. Are there any business based offers with Decred?
    14.2. What are the benefits of doing business with Decred?
    14.3. Are there any Decred tools provided for companies or business users to use?
    14.4. Are there any special premium plans or offers when doing business with Decred?
    14.5. Are there any discounts or specials when doing business with Decred?
    14.6. Does Decred provide any kind of Affiliate or Referral account based program?
    14.7. Are there any Decred premium support services for companies or business users to contact?

    15. Terms, Conditions and Agreements
    15.1. What are the terms and conditions of Decred?
    15.2. Are there any agreements that I must follow and agree to?
    15.3. Are there any disclaimers involved in Decred?

    16. Legal, Laws, Regulations, Jurisdictions and Governance
    16.1. What are the standard or general laws that I have to follow?
    16.2. Are there any specific laws that Decred holds?
    16.3. Does Decred have to abide by any of the same laws that other Crypto Currencies have to abide by?
    16.4. Are there any laws that may vary from country to country?
    16.5. Do I need to check up on any of my local laws for certain conditions and regulations?
    16.6. If I experience any legal issues with Decred, can I file for a dispute in any shape or form?

    17. Contact, Help and Support
    17.1. Where can I get Decred help from?
    17.2. Who can I contact for Decred help?
    17.3. What are the Decred contact details?
    17.4. Is there any form of Decred live chat or telephone support offered?
    17.5. Is Decred support also offered in other languages than English?
    17.6. Are there any specific days, hours or time-frames that Decred support is offered during?
    17.7. What days and hours are the support times offered during?
    17.8. Are there any special or public holidays that the support is closed during?
    17.9. What time-stamp and public holidays does the Decred support follow and go by?

    18. About Decred
    18.1. When did Decred get built?
    18.2. When was Decred released?
    18.3. How was Decred built?
    18.4. Who built or founded Decred?
    18.5. Why was Decred built?
    18.6. Is Decred sponsored or supported by any major groups or organizations?
    18.7. Does Decred have a special adversary day or birthday to celebrate or represent itself on?
    18.8. Why does Decred have its own national anthem as well as its logo, trademark and title?
    18.9. Are there any news, magazine, resourceful or wiki based websites with more information about Decred?

    19. Learning Decred
    19.1. Are there any videos that I can watch to learn about Decred?
    19.2. Are there any free education resources provided that I can try and learn Decred through?
    19.3. Are there any educational courses that I can take to learn Decred from?

    20. Educating, Teaching, Tutoring and Training others about Decred
    20.1. Can I spread the word and teach other people about Decred?
    20.2. Can I teach my students about Decred?
    20.3. Can a school, university or academic institution teach students about Decred?
    20.4. Are there any specific Decred based educational rules or principles that I need to follow up on?

    21. Advertising and Promoting Decred
    21.1. Can we offer Decred to our families, friends, colleagues and relatives?
    21.2. Can we advertise and promote Decred to the public both physical and online?
    21.3. What kinds of advertising should I consider and are there any recommendations to suggest as best practices?
    21.4. Are there any premade Decred banners, ads or campaigns provided or available?
    21.5. Would forums, blogs, press releases, articles, magazines, newspapers, media websites, video websites, ad campaign websites and traffic exchanges be good ways to promote Decred?
    21.6. Would live events like lectures, conferences, seminars, webinars, show grounds, carnivals, parades, circuses and annual special occasion events be good ways to promote Decred?
    21.7. Would big sponsored billboards, signs, buildings, bridges, towers, vehicles, sponsor ships, special release times in major events, television talks and other forms of big talks, be good ways to promote Decred to go that extra mile?
    21.8. Would Decred stickers, tattoos on people and Decred prints on physical items like; tee-shirt’s, cups, plates, placemats and other physical items be good ways to promote Decred?
    21.9. Would it be a great idea for a singer or music artist to create a Decred lyrics song and then sing or perform a music or karaoke show of it into a great song, as another major way to promote Decred to go that extra mile?
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  9. RegenX

    RegenX Jr. Member

    Jan 2, 2016
    Correction. The airdrop is scheduled to take place on January 18th

    "As far as I know Decred Airdrop was scheduled for 18th of January and nothing changed.
    That's the day when wallet will be released and users get their coins. Testnet also should be available.
    Mainnet estimated launch day is 25th of January."
  10. shoshin

    shoshin Member

    Dec 28, 2015
    I don't believe the coins will be sent on that day, only the signup period will end. For the coins to be "sent" the network must me functioning (mainnet) and someone must mine those transactions... We are getting close however a little more patience is required.
  11. davecgh

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    Dec 31, 2015
    United States
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  12. RegenX

    RegenX Jr. Member

    Jan 2, 2016
    plenty of patience here, no complaints. Just thanks for helping sort out some of the confusion:)

    so maybe the coins will go out January 25th
  13. shoshin

    shoshin Member

    Dec 28, 2015
    I think the excitement is warranted... We are all on the edge of our seats waiting for this exciting project to launch. I believe however a delay of a few weeks will be required by the devs due to the strong demand for the airdrop...
  14. anondran

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    Jan 13, 2016
    How many people have signed up for the Airdrop?
    We know there is overwhelming response and Decred, could very well be the Apple of cryptocurrencies.
    My guess would be around 1000±200..
    What are your opinions?
  15. comeclarity

    comeclarity New Member

    Jan 17, 2016
    My opinion is about 3500-4200
  16. Nicklas

    Nicklas New Member

    Dec 28, 2015
    Hi guys, haven't been able to work on the FAQ for quite some time due to studying aboard and bad connection. Are there any chance somebody could take over the thread (or create a new one?)

    I'll be home in a couple of days but has alot to catch up to at home.

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