How Can We Put Decred To The Front Of This?

Discussion in 'Questions' started by drunkenmugsy, Apr 29, 2017.

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    In my opinion, Ease of Use is an important quality that will make a difference in this. A lightweight wallet with simple multi-language button-by-button instructions for computer-challenged coiners like myself who get confused by things such as whether to use the same seed for two different wallets, and if the coins go into more than one wallet. I'm seeing a high percentage of new members having wallet problems. Exodus makes a non-web-based, (I wish that I knew the term for this), wallet that took me all of about five minutes to set up, learn the basics needed to use it, and send coins to it. It's a zip to use with big buttons with simple names such as 'send' and 'receive'. Of course, not everyone is like myself, but given a choice between simple and complicated, I always choose simple unless it comes at a very high price.
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