How Do Import My Address Into New Wallet?

Discussion in 'Addresses' started by kin0kin, Apr 19, 2016.

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  1. kin0kin

    kin0kin New Member

    Apr 19, 2016
    I created a wallet on

    This is the address I got


    I've been mining from Suprnova and sent payments to above address. When I got to the web wallet my wallet is now missing. How do I add the wallet back and send my DCR out?
  2. Nihilix

    Nihilix New Member

    Feb 26, 2016
    Computer Repair Specialist
    California, USA
    How do you mean it is missing?
    Were you prompted to make a new wallet upon viewing the wallet webpage once again?
    I just created a web wallet and thereafter cleared my browser cookies; after I went back to the wallet webpage it had forgotten my prior wallet and prompted me to agree to the terms and create a new wallet. To quote the web wallet terms:
    If you happened to clear your cookies/browser data and failed to back up your wallet beforehand, you just lost access to that Decred you mined. Looking at the address you tagged that's about 22 DCR in total. Take note for future reference. If you did backup your wallet you can clear your browser data and chose to "Import from backup" when creating a new web wallet. When you click this option you will be presented with a page prompting you for your wallet seed, but assuming you backed up your wallet to a file, you may click the tab to the right that says "File/text backup" and upload your backup file alternatively.

    Unfortunately, if you didn't bother to save your wallet backup you won't be able to access the DCR you mined. I would recommend running a local wallet that will provide you with a seed or that you make sure to back up your next web wallet. Also you might want to try to access the web wallet in another browser if perhaps you saved it in a different browser than you're using now. I'm not sure if this will benefit you as I'm not savvy on the way cookies are stored but its worth a shot.

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