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Discussion in 'Questions' started by Akariko, May 24, 2017.

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  1. Akariko

    Akariko New Member

    May 24, 2017

    I've got the Decred wallet (desktop) up and running. When I create a receive address however, it states it's single use only. So I wonder if I can mine to this address (which keeps changing). I've been messing around with the command tool to create an address for 3 hours now and I'm lost. Somehow I can't get it to interact. So hopefully, pretty please, tell me the address I receive in the app is sufficient to mine to.

    Else I'll come back to this thread and explain my troubles with the command interface.

    Thanks for your help!
  2. sumiflow

    sumiflow New Member

    May 4, 2017
    Houston, TX
    Yep the address from the app is sufficient. I think the single use part is more like a suggestion than rule. As far as I know, the addresses generated never actually go away. I've been mining on the same one for months.
  3. davecgh

    davecgh Hero Member
    Developer Organizer

    Dec 31, 2015
    United States
    @sumiflow is correct. Addresses can be reused, but it's just discouraged because it slightly lowers the strength of the cryptographic security properties when an attacker has access to multiple signatures for the same public key (which is basically what an address is under the hood). Also, addresses with large balances are more attractive to attackers as a general rule anyways.

    That said, there are no known attacks where it's a huge concern in terms of mining, and, as far as I know, there isn't really a choice currently since no pools that I know of support payouts to rotating addresses via HD pubkeys.

    You can also transfer the newly minted coins to new address as soon as they mature in order to keep your mining address from accumulating too many funds.
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  4. Akariko

    Akariko New Member

    May 24, 2017
    Thank you for these answers! Love it when such newbie answers get sincere replies. Especially in the current crypto bubble where a million lemmings enter the scene asking about anything between how to hit the enter button and if a GPU and CPU are the same thing, without using google once. This nut however I wasn't able to crack (something else might have cracked in the process though ;)

    So once again, thank you!

    (Big fan of Louis Pasteur btw, everyone knows Steve Jobs, but what is he compared to Pasteur?!)

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