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Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Ayush, Mar 3, 2016.

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    Jan 9, 2016
    Hi everyone,
    I have been a member of this forum for long time But while setting up the files I faced some difficulties, BTW I am on Ubuntu 15.10, So the steps given here are mainly for Linux beginners. I will attempt to make it as simple as possible.
    Should work on Raspberry pi tooo....

    Of course- Follow on your own risk, though no problems have occurred (Tried myself)
    1) Download the needed Binaries for your operating system-

    And then extract the files

    2)Open terminal and Browse to the folder where the files are stored-

    cd "/Path/To/file"

    Enter path in place of "/Path/To/file"

    3)Setting up daemon (dcrd)-
    Use command -

    ./dcrd -u "username" -P "password"

    Replace "username" with desired user name and "password" with a strong password of your choice.

    Open new terminal and again browse to the folder, and then-

    ./dcrwallet --create

    You will be asked to create a private passphrase. Better to create one. While entering input nothing will be seen on screen but it will be accepting whatever you are typing. Retype and confirm when prompted.
    Now, it asks if you want to add an additional encryption layer for public data. Say 'yes'.Type the public passphrase and confirm by typing again. Do not forget this. It looks blank as well.

    5)If you participated in the airdrop you will have a wallet seed, When it is asked say YES and enter it. (Enter manually i.e be careful to have no enter spaces in it, while copy pasting for original one it has next line in it.

    If everything works well, it will say wallet created successfully.

    6)Open new terminal and again browse to the folder-

    ./dcrwallet -u "sameusername" -P"samepassword" --walletpass "PassKeycreated" --dcrdusername="sameusername" --dcrdpassword="samepassword"

    Replace "sameusername" with username created, "samepassword" with password, "PassKeycreated" with PublicKey.
    Let this terminal run too.

    7)Getting new address-
    In a new terminal run-

    ./dcrctl -u "sameusername" -P "samepassword" --wallet getnewaddress

    This will give an address starting with Ds. save it.

    8)Unlocking wallet-
    To send coins wallet must be unlocked.

    ./dcrctl -u "sameusername" -P "samepassword" --wallet "PassKeycreated" "Privatekey" 120

    Replace "privatekey" with Privatepassphrase, 120 with seconds for which wallet must be unlocked. If you want it to permanently unlocked enter value as 0.

    9)Other commands-
    Listing transactions-

    ./dcrctl -u "sameusername" -P "samepassword" --wallet listtransactions


    ./dcrctl -u "sameusername" -P "samepassword" --wallet getbalance

    Sending coins-

    ./dcrctl -u "sameusername" -P "samepassword" --wallet sendtoaddress "Address" "amount"

    Replace "Address" with desired one. and "amount" to some x number.

    That would be all guys. If you encounter any difficulties following this please message me.

    If you find it difficult to understand my guide, you can follow
    Its a great guide.
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