London Mob To Visit Josh Davis Of Bitconnect

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    Notice 12/14/17: The TaTT project has been canceled due to lack of interest, but the Tracking Satoshi’s Killer project is alive and well, so those who are interested should watch for postings to come regarding its release.

    Track and Trap Them
    (TaTT) is now forming. Our first objective is Josh Davis of Bitconnect. We need coiners of all nations with skills of persuasion and the inclination to use them in a non-violent way to show him why he will call his associates at Bittrex to return everyone’s coins.

    We’ve hired a Moroccan criminal investigator to track Mr. Davis and expect to be tracking his movements by late this coming week.

    Worldwide crypto enthusiasts are encouraged to join us to force justice. All those who have participated in Tether fraud and exchange fraud and theft, beginning with the whales on the top, will be tracked, trapped, and persuaded until the wealth which has been stolen has been returned to the people. Coiners of world regions will be informed 24/7 of the objective’s whereabouts for Trapping Events.

    We need volunteers for security // communications // membership // surveillance, tracking, and stakeout // donations, funding, and treasury // travel and accommodations // and other duties. The website will be up and running within two days. We need a security volunteer ASAP.

    Trapping Events – First Draft 12-11-17 // Track and Trap Them is opposed to violence. Trapping Events will be offered to coiners who can travel and those near to the current objective for the opportunity to show him in creative, non-violent ways that it's for his good to return the coins. We hope to repeat these opportunities wherever an objective goes. Information on the current whereabouts of Mr. Davis is encouraged.

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