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Discussion in 'Balances' started by nomad, Aug 6, 2017.

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  1. nomad

    nomad New Member

    May 5, 2017
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    hi, i am stuck and any help is greatly appreciated.

    i am using decrediton with two pos-stake-pools configured (ultralpool and stakeminer).
    initially i sent a few DCR to my wallet (almost all to the same address) and bought some tickets, some of them have already been voted.

    but for some strange and unknown reason decrediton currently shows a different (~80dcr higher and obviously proper) available balance than the final balance on for a specific address of mine. just to clear up things in advance: both these values should be almost the same (if i was using one address only), right?

    i did a rescan (although i am convinced that decrediton shows the right value) and also took the 256-block-clearing-time into consideration.

    i still couldn't figure out why these values differ, so i took a deeper look and found out, that all zero transactions (the ones created when buying tickets) for tickets that i use at were NOT in the list of transactions of the specific address. unfortunately i was not even able to calculate the expected final balance even with disregarding these missing transactions (which are shown in decredition) properly.

    so i checked my pool-configs and found out that i messed it up: i accidentally swapped the hashes for the redeem script! ultrapools redeem script should be used for stakeminer and vice versa.

    so here are my questions:

    1) what exactly does the redeem script do?
    2) what consequences does my swap bring up?
    3) may the swap be the reason for the difference in balances?
    3a) if not, what else could be the reason?
    3b) if yes, why?
    4) can i just go into the config.json and swap the values for redeem script ?
    5) how can i get things work properly and can i be sure to not have lost tokens?

    many thanks in advance!

  2. ay-p

    ay-p Full Member

    Dec 7, 2015
    1) It let's your wallet use the multisig address that you and the stakepool created to vote on your tickets (1of2)
    2) not sure i understand what you mean by swap
    3) does not show proper balances sometimes, only trust decrediton/dcrwallet. but you can't look at address balance to see wallet balance. your wallet generates lots of address to use.
    4) no
    5) as long as you have your seed and kept it secure you have not lost anything
  3. ay-p

    ay-p Full Member

    Dec 7, 2015
    come to our #support channel in slack if you need further assistance.

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