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Discussion in 'Requests for Proposals' started by jy-p, Jan 10, 2017.

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  1. jy-p

    jy-p Sr. Member

    Jan 2, 2016
    Per my comments in the roadmap, the RFP process is changing and we are looking for contractors who can maintain and drive participation on the Decred Forum, Slack, Twitter, bitcointalk, reddit and other relevant forums and sites on an ongoing basis. In order to effectively staff for this, the work needs to be divided up amongst a few contractors who will collaborate on marketing and community management. We will be looking to hire from our existing community for these roles. Once the work is parceled up and people have committed to a role, we will get contracts signed.

    @Daniel has really stepped up on the marketing and hype front recently and will become responsible for Slack and bitcointalk. There are several remaining areas that users have expressed interest in covering: the Decred Forum, Twitter, reddit and other sites. If you are interested in taking responsibility for keeping the content active on these sites, please reply in this thread.

    Whoever assumes a role of the Decred Forum administrator or moderator will need to satisfy some additional, albeit reasonable, requirements, such as actively encouraging participation on the forum, not using the position to promote other projects, only censoring users or content when legitimately necessary, and generally speaking playing nice with the users.
  2. Daniel

    Daniel New Member

    Jan 10, 2017
    Trader / Student
    United States
    Reporting for duty!
  3. HyperJacked

    HyperJacked New Member

    Jan 10, 2017
    New York
    I'd be willing to handle Twitter and help DBT with bitcointalk.

    My Twitter is @ohyperjacked and i'm a hero member on bitcointalk.

    Let me know
  4. Dyrk

    Dyrk Sr. Member

    Jan 7, 2016
    Thanks @jy-p, that's a great move we were waiting for.
    I want to apply as russian community manager. I have plenty ideas how we can make our local community stronger.
    Obviously, I won't do all the stuff alone, but we have enough of active bitcointalk users who can join my team.

    Some stats:
    in bitcointalk we have a RU thread with 162 pages (47% of ENG thread):
    we have ru chat ( rocket chat, btw, since it doesn't have a limit of 10k messages as Slack ) with ~ 1600 active traders:

    What I can do:
    - Of course, forum / bitcointalk / coinspot / all the stuff
    - Translate stakepools to Russian language
    - Translate websites / documentation (third parties required)
    - Start a marketing campaign in local crypto blogs and news websites ( we'll require some analytics, so we can do it step by step )
    - We need some active chat: either new room in Slack or use some existing chat with many traders
  5. Alexoz

    Alexoz Member

    I'm here and willing to help! (Australian hours)
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  6. Alexoz

    Alexoz Member

    Haaa A new member!!!
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  7. Tivra

    Tivra Member
    Advocate (BitcoinTalk)

    Dec 30, 2015
    #7 Tivra, Jan 10, 2017
    Last edited: Jan 10, 2017
    I have been very active on BitcoinTalk (name there is "Praxis"), I'm also active on Reddit where I promote Decred on my many Reddit accounts, for instance, a recent post:

    People know me form Bitcointalk, my name has earned their trust. I have been with this project since before it was named Decred, I was already active in the original MC2/Netcoin thread by tacotime

    I worked in the Digital Marketing field for many years in the role of a Digital Marketing Assistant (from 2012 to 2015) for an American Internet Marketing company

    I'm in the European Central Time timezone, I speak fluent Slovenian, Italian, English & conversational level Japanese and French
    I'm passionate about the project and willing to contribute by managing Reddit, Twitter, possibly moderate here or any other task required

    I have been actively propagating Decred in various ways, more than I can enumerate here, even on 4chan's /biz/ (business board) and /g/ (techhnology) by making threads there... you can't believe all the places where crypto-enthusiasts are hiding

    Before @_ingsoc went away I was in discussion with him about me taking over the /r/Decred subreddit, which he himself proposed
  8. shoshin

    shoshin Member

    Dec 28, 2015
    I would be glad to offer assistance, as I do enjoy keeping a close eye on the forum.
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  9. in-cred-u-lous

    in-cred-u-lous New Member

    Apr 25, 2016
    I am ready to volunteer as an active Decred community participant and marketer.

    I am currently a moderator of the Siacoin and Bitsquare subreddits, and contribute actively in these communities. I also participate at local events in my home country (Norway) and speak about Decred whenever there is an opportunity. Decred is very much at the top of my mind these days, and is a project I would very much like to spread more awareness about. The value propositions of Decred are in my view substantial, and thus worth promoting. I believe that the continued active development of Decred requires active community participation. Appointing a core team of community members, perhaps geographically dispersed is an idea. The core team should focus on improving its own technical awareness of Decred, and coordinate activities and assist each other at events and so on.

    I am also a developer and have been actively looking for Decred use-cases during my 6 month experience with Decred. Still looking, so will contribute more in future community discussions regardless :)
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  10. Noah

    Noah Member
    Advocate (Twitter)

    Feb 1, 2016
    Hey there,

    This sounds like an excellent move forward. I'm definitely joining the conversation on Twitter @NoahPierau in both English and Dutch. The fact that I'm using my personal account is proof of my determination and love for Decred.

    When I'm writing the Decred Discovery blog I always link back to original posts. Perhaps it's not much, but it might help to redirect some new users on the Forum (the blog ranks quite good in search engines).

    It doesn't really matter whether I get paid or not, I will continue to promote Decred!
  11. jy-p

    jy-p Sr. Member

    Jan 2, 2016
    Great, Dyrk. I am interested in working with you and others on a traditional digital marketing campaign. Since it typically requires fiat or BTC to pay for digital marketing, Comany 0 or another person/entity can be paid DCR and then they will pay the BTC or fiat for the marketing costs. When possible, we will pay using DCR.

    @Daniel has already addressed some of the prior Slack limitations of having a single #general channel.

    EDIT: I think that you could fit well as the RU community manager. I would really like to see more action on the Decred Forum vs BCT in the future.
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  12. jy-p

    jy-p Sr. Member

    Jan 2, 2016
    I believe you'd be a good fit as the BR community manager. Have you made any efforts to get users to post on the Forum in the past?
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  13. jy-p

    jy-p Sr. Member

    Jan 2, 2016
    Based on your prior experience, we could certainly use help with digital marketing. It would be ideal if you could show up in the Slack channels #thinktank and #social_media, if you're not already present in them.

    We would be happy to have you take over /r/Decred and help breathe some life into it.
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  14. adam2312

    adam2312 Jr. Member

    Jan 11, 2016
    Just want to comment I like these proposals being publicly visible here (rather than prior proposal submissions - and deliberation for approval - being done behind the scenes).
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  15. jy-p

    jy-p Sr. Member

    Jan 2, 2016
    From here on out, we'll be doing more of the dev org work out in the open. I'll be making a new post today regarding documentation and potentially other topics.
  16. jy-p

    jy-p Sr. Member

    Jan 2, 2016
    Having you be the community manager for Portuguese-speakers works since this is really all about language support.

    I'm pretty happy with the amount of BR-based support there is, it's a pleasant surprise. :)
  17. Ubik

    Ubik New Member
    Translator (Italiano)

    Feb 12, 2016
    I'm writing to offer my services as an Italian translator and community manager.

    As a translator, i've worked as an ENG/ITA/MKD translator in real life and thus i am familiar with how professional work should be done (e.g. i've worked as a freelance for a couple of embassies and for UNESCO in Rome). I've also been translating a lot of crypto-related things like many announcements (Stratis, Chronobank, Heat, Inchain...), a couple of websites (chronobank website and a coinmixer one).
    My mother tongue is Italian.

    As a community manager, i'm in the cryptos since 2012 and a quite active member of the community. I'm familiar with basically all means of comunication or media (i regulary use twitter, slack, facebook, telegram, teamspeak..) but the italian crypto-community is mostly focused on bitcointalk and telegram. I'm the "admin" of many altcoin-related telegram rooms, many of which have quite a few members (the most popular one is 100+). I've been lately managing/moderating the italian community of Chronobank on bitcointalk, telegram and slack.

    I've always been a quiet follower (and holder) of decred since its airdrop and i think i can contribute to the popularity and community gathering of the coin in many ways.

    In any case i think this is a very good initiative, thanks jy-p.
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  18. jinlei

    jinlei New Member
    Translator (中文)

    Jan 7, 2016
    I come from china,I am interested in taking responsibility for keeping the content active on china.

    I established the first decred qq group, qq group number is 513227294, welcome foreign friends to join in; I release the latest developments of decred community、 the latest wallet version、btt update and so on in qq group.

    I promote decred on, my id on is Decred, my signature is, and my post count reaches 1199 times.

    If I become one of contractors, I will expand the number of qq group (up to 2000), I will translate more decred dynamic information to the Chinese decred community, and I will advertise on to promote decred.

    I have always believed in decred
  19. Newdcr

    Newdcr New Member

    Apr 1, 2016
  20. LedgerNano

    LedgerNano New Member

    Jul 4, 2016
    Guys, please do not ignore emerging markets and Third World nations (underdeveloped). China (obvious), brazil, india, venezuela and even african countries. Their economic woes have accelerated the adoption of crypto-coins in mass in these countries.
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