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    Hello Decred Stakers!

    We are excited to announce another new decred stake pool just launched and ready for voting. It is still not audited but we need your support. The pool infrastructure is carefully crafted across multiple cloud providers with high availability (HA) and disaster recovery (DR) with hot-hot model in mind to avoid any downtime. The pool is deployed and would be managed directly by dittrex asset service team with 18 years professional experience in the industry.

    Dittrex dcrpool is part of dittrex services we are a group of expert engineers and architects and sysadmins always dedicated to bring the best blockchain based service experience. Here are out key features at a glance:
    • Highly available geographically distribute voting wallets and stakepoold nodes and redundant site
    • Flexible to scale up as the user base grows
    • Backups of data are regularly taken
    • We tested 3 weeks and counting . Here is the active testnet
    • Pool fees are as low as 1%
    • Message directly for instant support also build this thread with any feedback

    We need active voters to get the pool audited so go ahead get your ticket from us and also feel free to shoot for any question directly to our official contact

    Cheers, and happy staking!
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