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Discussion in 'Proof-of-stake Mining' started by drunkenmugsy, Mar 13, 2016.

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    Dec 28, 2015
    I will update the FAQ in earnest next week. Got some stuff going on this weekend. I have considered adding links to where the info came from for further reading. I will try to do that more in the future.
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    There is a difference between inserting your unconfirmed transaction into the mempool and having your transaction mined into a block.

    When you purchase a ticket, you see a log message about it being inserted into the mempool:

    [INF] TMGR: Inserting unconfirmed transaction <SSTx hash>
    [INF] WLLT: Successfully sent SStx purchase transaction <SSTx hash>
    That does not mean it has been mined, or will necessarily be mined in the next block. What you want is a message later when it actually gets mined into a block. There is a closed issue on this, the resolution being to turn on debug logging. The relevant line is here, which would give you something like the following in you wallet log:

    [DBG] WLLT: Marking unconfirmed transaction <txid> mined in block 15573
    To illustrate this, send a getstakeinfo to the wallet right after you have inserted a SSTx:

    $ dcrctl.exe --wallet getstakeinfo
      "poolsize": 42347,
      "difficulty": 11.94780088,
      "allmempooltix": 36,      < == tickets in mempool, waiting to be mined
      "ownmempooltix": 8,       < == number of those that are yours
      "immature": 4,            < == your tickets that got mined, but need 256 confirms
      "live": xxx,              < == your mature tickets, waiting to vote
      "proportionlive": 0.0041089097220582335,
      "totalsubsidy": yyy.zzzzz,
      "missed": 0
      "proportionmissed": 0,
      "revoked": 0
    I've adjusted the numbers for "allmempooltix" and "immature", and censored others. See the comments above. Considering that there are only 20 tickets per block that can be mined, as described nicely by @drunkenmugsy (number 14), and the above information, the possible reasons for adjusting fees I've listed in this post above should make more sense.

    In addition to getstakeinfo, I'd suggest using the Decred Block Explorer if you want to keep an eye on a transaction hash. After you insert a new SSTx, it will be Unconfirmed and will not be "Included in Block".
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    Jan 9, 2016
    Typo. Getstakeinfo.
  4. chappjc

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    Fixed. Tough audience. :) Hope this helped.
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