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Discussion in 'Governance' started by jet, Apr 19, 2017.

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  1. jet

    jet New Member

    Jan 29, 2017
    I welcome Gautam Desai to join the marketing team!

    I'd like to express my concern about marketing strategy which I felt from reading these tweets:
    I urge Decred to stay respectful to Bitcoin at all times, in all interactions. There are too many projects trying to rise bashing Bitcoin. From what I learned so far Decred is not one of them.

    If Bitcoin collapses for whatever reason, the whole crypto space is in trouble. We don't need that. I'm following Decred but I wish Bitcoin success too.

    It is natural to talk about problems and solutions, as long as we keep the "We will try to do it better" stance. But ~"Bitcoin is kratocratic, power seized through force" is one step towards bashing.
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  2. jcv

    jcv Full Member

    I agree that is bitcoin actually collapsed it would cause absolute chaos in the cryptocurrency space. And I'm sure many (maybe even most) people involved in decred hold some bitcoin (and probably other ccs as well) so they don't want that at all.

    Personally, I also lean towards saying why you are good not why the other guy is bad. Unfortunately, I think what the marketing folks have seen (and this is only anecdotal since I am very far from a marketing type) is that some amount of being on the attack is necessary to get any sort of attention and traction. I don't like it that things work that way, but there are lots of things about the cc space that I don't like.

    Also, since decred is pretty loosely organized (decentralized even :) ) people will have different opinions and tactics. Some will be positive, and some will likely be more on the negative side.
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