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    Jan 13, 2016
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    I have some questions about the TX script language used by Decred.
    Am I correct that most of the opcodes behave the same way as they do in bitcoin?
    Are ther any other additions then these?
    OP_SSTX = 0xba // 186
    OP_SSGEN = 0xbb // 187
    OP_SSRTX = 0xbc // 188
    OP_SSTXCHANGE = 0xbd // 189
    OP_CHECKSIGALT = 0xbe // 190
    OP_CHECKSIGALTVERIFY = 0xbf // 191

    Why is there (if there is no) no Blake 256 hashing function?
    Are all opcodes enabled?
    Will non standard transactions be relayed?

    Thanks for any information as this would help me a lot developing a script interpreter on Java.
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  2. ceejep

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    Dec 14, 2015
    All of the Bitcoin OP codes have been re-enabled, some with new or divergent functionality. Please see opcode.go.

    186-189 are simple stake tags that are used to handle consensus rules about output spendability.

    OP_CHECKSIGALT is a new OP_CHECKSIG that is easily upgradeable to support new digital signature algorithms..

    These are all allowed on mainnet under P2SH scripts. There are strict rules about the stake OP codes, see the reference implementation.

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