Signrawtransaction: "no Information Available About Transaction"

Discussion in 'Transactions' started by shakey, Apr 5, 2017.

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  1. shakey

    shakey New Member

    Apr 5, 2017
    I'm on v0.8.2 on linux. I'm attempting to build my own transaction with createrawtransaction and signrawtransaction. I managed to get the raw transaction from createrawtransaction, but when I feed it into signrawtransaction I receive an error:
    $ ./dcrctl --wallet signrawtransaction 01000000021783c06014a1c3d39ed04dbec355d0659dd621898c71896eec240bed75bcd7e10000000000ffffffff1783c06014a1c3d39ed04dbec355d0659dd621898c71896eec240bed75bcd7e10100000000ffffffff01208f91160300000000001976a914d6a09bb7ab50f9dbd8403fb9f2b387e34533fe0188ac000000000000000002ffffffffffffffff00000000ffffffff00ffffffffffffffff00000000ffffffff00
    -5: No information available about transaction e1d7bc75ed0b24ec6e89718c8921d69d65d055c3be4dd09ed3c3a11460c08317
    I can't find any information on what causes this error. The txid e1d7... in the error message refers to the transaction with unspent outputs that I wish to spend. I don't know why information about this transaction is not available.

    Please note that I have already enabled the transaction index by running
    ./dcrd --txindex
    I had to do this because getrawtransaction was complaining:
    $ ./dcrctl --wallet getrawtransaction e1d7bc75ed0b24ec6e89718c8921d69d65d055c3be4dd09ed3c3a11460c08317
    -5: The transaction index must be enabled to query the blockchain (specify --txindex)
    Thank you.

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