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"tracking Satoshi's Killer" -- Two-page Preview -- Episode #1

Discussion in 'Off-Topic' started by buttongoose, May 17, 2017.

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    An uncrackable laptop -- evidence in an unsolved 2011 New York kidnapping -- is checked out of NYPD evidence storage by a dirty detective who Calvin, our NYPD ex-cop sailor, has been trying to nail for years. Alerted by his off-and-on lover, ex-fiancé, NYPD Homicide Detective, Brittany, Calvin rushes off to New York leaving Crypto Lady in Georgetown in the hopes of exposing the dirty cop’s ties to the crooked NYDFS Financial Director. Upon obtaining a copy of the tech lab’s recent first-time cracking of the laptop, there’s hints of Satoshi ownership. The computer had been almost new and little was on it other than a will made out to a three-year-old girl who went missing in Brooklyn -- Morning, who is to become Morgan, the daring aerial construction worker who Jane the Jack, the local shock jock goes after when Morgan accidentally drops a 25th story drain-spout gargoyle into Jane’s new Mustang. As Jane broadcasts directives for her serial killer -- Jane’s Killer -- to get Morgan, will Calvin and Britt find her in time to save her? And is she Satoshi’s daughter?

    “Tracking Satoshi’s Killer” is a butt-kicking eight-hundred-page thriller saga series consisting of three parts, which are: Book One - “Jane’s Killer,” Book Two - “Extracting Ally,” and Book Three - “Waiting with Whitaker.”

    For those of you who are interested in this series, the first two pages of Episode #1, “Back to New York,” is available on my website, http://trackingsatoshiskiller.com Since there has yet to be any SEO work done, the http:// address is best used typed into the address bar to bring it up and the best browsers for this are Chrome and Microsoft Edge.

    Announcements on this forum, the website, Twitter, Facebook, and other crypto forums will soon be made giving more info and a schedule for the postings of the weekly eight to twelve page episodes.

    This PM supersedes the info of the prior posts which announced “The Adventures of Decred Dix” series.

    Author’s note on Satoshi:

    This author knows little about the history of Satoshi Nakamoto or the technical aspects of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Having become a crypto enthusiast in late 2014, i still have only a vague idea of what a hash is because i’m not a technically-oriented person; i’m a person of the arts.
    From the reading that i did of Satoshi’s known history, i got the impression that he was interested in creating a currency for the people and by the people for the purpose of the separation of money and state more than he was interested in personal gain. In the above mentioned series, there will never be a firm scenario as to what happened to him or her. Indeed, his fictional demise is only referred to in uncertain ways, and this author wishes for nothing but the best of privacy, wellbeing, and longevity for Satoshi wherever he might be.

    Thanks for your interest,

    5-23-17 Edit: Change blood-spattered laptop to uncrackable laptop.
    5-22-17 Edit: Change episodes from twelve-to-fifteen pages to eight-to-twelve pages.
    5-19-17 Edit: Change five words.
    5-17-17 Edit: Correct small errors.
    5-17-17 Edit: Add author's note on Satoshi.
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