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  1. visred

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    Dec 16, 2015
    Aurora, Colorado, United States
    Hello everyone!

    Appropriate apologies for this delayed introduction. There were no other posts in this forum when we made our first post.
    Several groups including the Colorado Cryptocurrency Center, Blockchain Pioneers, and of course use this account. Our interests include sponsoring decred (as a brick and mortar cryptocurrency establishment - incl. education), mining as soon as we can (incl. renting out), running nodes, and developing software/applications.
    Our website is currently under renovation (since mid Dec.) and a decred section is being designed (learn, buy, sell, etc). We expect the new site will be live by Feb.1.16

    My name is Ryan Dornan and I am the Director of, I have personally been an advocate of Bitcoin since late 2010. I created a dual phase oil cooled mining rig just months before the ASIC boom, and have had a passion in interest in being on the cutting edge of blockchain and crytpotoken research and development since. My team includes five clever young people, and we are running our second brick and mortar (bitcoin) cryptocurrency establishment since 2011.
    We buy/ sell/ teach/ promote/ cryptocurrencies - and we fix computers, televisions, phones, etc for free (we ask for donations) in order to generate new interest in cryptocurrencies. is 100% wind powered! (we still pay alot less than residential 12kwh, consider it.) does buy/sell, mine and maintain nodes bitcoin, ethereum and soon decred.

    We hope to meet as many of you as possible, perhaps at our decred release party-

    Thank you for your support.
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