We Need More Coins On Poloniex To Attract Investors

Discussion in 'Exchanges' started by Alexoz, Sep 3, 2016.

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  1. Alexoz

    Alexoz Member


    Could the Decred's holders transfert more coins to poloniex in order to give a boost to it.

    2016-2017 is definitely the alt-boom!

    Could the miners sell less for the release of the wallet v0.4.0. That will make the price increase as well...


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  2. karamble

    karamble Member

    Feb 19, 2016
    When you look closely you see, that the market depth is showing a sell preassure. There are allready too much coins offered and not enough demand on the coin. Coin gets sold and gets cheaper, ticket prices still rising and manipulation by the same strong bag holder party. Not enough dezentralization.

    So if you want to attract somebody you would need a lot more people buying the coin. What we can see on the cryptocoin market is, that coins which are offering a solution to encrypted transactions get a strong rise and market volume. Thats where the need is right now after the big fail of smart contracts and the DAO desaster.

    I can not say that i am dissapointed but you can see clearly that the bag holders clearly selling straight their subsidy and also representing a party which is manipulating ticket prices so the PoS hybrid becomes obsolete as there is not enough decentralization and neutrality. No implementation or chance to buy some stuff with and a quite community in comparison with others.

    We need implementation and should be able to spend coins for goods. I am also looking forward to the simple smart contracts. Lets discuss this again in a few months - we can be chill and proud as the developers are diligent and that is what it is all about now.
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  3. Alexoz

    Alexoz Member

    Yes I noticed that, they want encrypted transaction!

    We are still waiting for a wallet easy to use for the lambda users!

    The community is suppose to add a plus as well! It should comes in time!

    None selling T-shirt or hiring a beautiful Amanda to commercialise them XD
  4. N3wb1e

    N3wb1e New Member

    Jun 12, 2016
    Roadmap seems pretty convincing and developers are skilled and active. Personally i'm not worried temporary low price, because i'm in for long-term.
  5. Alexoz

    Alexoz Member

    Because we did make a vote, and most of us were guessing a price between $5-10 at the end of this year ^_^
  6. N3wb1e

    N3wb1e New Member

    Jun 12, 2016
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    Year is not at end yet, but my guess is bigger things will happen next year. For almost every "big coin", it has taken their time to get popular and high market cap. Decred developers and community are very active and much work has done in a few months and new releases and features are coming. Still it needs more marketing for using it as pay all kind of stuff, like example you can purchase game from Steam with Bitcoin.

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