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Discussion in 'Trade' started by anondran, Jan 31, 2016.

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    Jan 13, 2016
    I just thought it would be interesting if we could create a marketplace kind of a thing, exclusively for VIDEO GAMING ACCOUNTS for various games across different platforms This initiative is similar to www.playerup.com, the largest gaming marketplace on the internet. But we will just restrict to transactions via Decreds,in order to increase widespread adoption and exchange volume.

    1. GameName :
    2. Platform : Android/IOS/WINDOWS/PS/XBOX/etc
    3.Type : Buying/Selling/Trading
    4. Price(in USD) :
    5 .Price(in dcr) :
    6. More Details : Relating to game-specific details such as your level, time you have been playing, rewards like coins or gems, achievements, etc.You can also add extra perks for extra price. Explain as brief as possible.


    With this, I am willing making an offer. I am selling my Clash of Clans Account in Decreds and looking forward to interested buyers.
    1. GameName :Clash of Clans
    2. Platform :Android/IOS
    3.Type : Selling
    4. Price(in USD) : $150
    5. Price(in dcr) : 300 (@0.5$)
    6. Details : Hi, I am a Pseudo-maxed TownHall-9, Level 121 player with High-level walls. 4150 in game-gems whose worth is $30.Name can be changed. I have attached screenshots of my Base below for further consideration. I have not upgraded a single Cannon and an Archer Tower so as to stay in a low rank during War. All walls will be level-9 in a few days. Add 30 Decreds for your own custom e-mail address. I will hand over the E-mail address and password that is linked to my game account.

    Barbarian King Level-15
    Archer Queen Level-18(upgrading to 18)



    Click the above images to view full size.

    Anyone interested post your doubts or queries below.

    Also, post your own video game accounts and let this thread serve as a Discussion among buyers, sellers and traders. :)

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