Wolfchagne - Buy Decred For 11 Cryptocurrencies [beta]

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    Hello! More than 8 months, we have worked to create Wolfchange. So now you can buy DECRED for more than 10 cryptocurrencies! http://wolfchange.com/exchange/BTC_DCR

    Wolfchange.com - is an fast, direct cryptocurrency exchange with beautifull interface that provides the simplest way to exchange most interesting cryptocurrencies in just a few clicks!

    https://telegram.me/wolfchange_en - you can always be contacted and receive a prompt response to any question or need help (EN)

    https://telegram.me/wolfchange_ru - всегда можно связаться и получить оперативный ответ на любой вопрос или помощь (RU)

    P.S. We have simple and beautifull mining calculator (ETH, ETC, EXP, LBRY, XMR) calc.wolfchange.com Check it!

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